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Teaching Seniors How to Become Internet-Savvy


Many people rely on the internet for both personal and business purposes. Gadgets and internet access make it convenient to do many tasks, and some people cannot even live without these anymore.

Some seniors find the internet very useful nowadays. Since the COVID-19 started, many among our elders resort to online transactions instead of going out shopping. Yes, their Non-Medical Home Care Services assistants can do chores for them, but they find it liberating and enjoyable to shop for themselves online.

As caring providers of Home Care in West Palm Beach, Florida, we want to protect our seniors from the disadvantages of internet usage. So, here are some tips from Advantage Pointe Home Care:

  • Keep passwords in a safe place.
    Passwords are like keys: they open the door to a person’s account. Note these down and keep them in a place where only your elderly clients can access them. Make sure to remind them never to give this vital piece of information to anyone unless necessary.
  • Do not click on suspicious sites.
    Inform seniors not to click on links or offers without asking for help from anyone more knowledgeable. Malicious sites can steal information or money from their linked bank accounts, and an Aging Adult in Palm Beach and Martin Counties is an easy target for scammers.
  • Check reviews and legitimacy.
    Shop from legitimate shopping websites or apps, and read reviews. Be careful with using and providing credit card information.
  • Positive vibes for stress-free seniors.
    Focus on hobbies and good news than the toxicity of people. Bashing is everywhere online, and its negativity can affect a senior’s wellbeing.

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