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Making Bath Time More Pleasant for Your Seniors

Making Bath Time More Pleasant for Your Seniors

Seniors who suffer from diseases like dementia and Alzheimer’s or any physical disabilities can find basic daily activities, like bathing, cumbersome.

But the lack of proper hygiene can put your senior at risk for diseases and infections. So, how can you get your elderly loved one to bathe?

Advantage Pointe Home Care is here to give you some of the techniques we use at our Home Care in Palm Beach and Martin Counties. Take a look:

  • Set a schedule and stick to it.
    Sometimes, your senior needs time to mentally prepare for baths. Having a specific schedule will take the unpleasant element of surprise out of the equation. Another tip from the caregivers at our Private Duty Care in Florida is to pick a time where they are most alert. Allot enough time so your senior doesn’t feel rushed.
  • Ensure their safety.
    Even if your senior is still capable of bathing themselves, you must ensure that they are safe while they do. Some basic bathroom modifications you can do are to add non-slip mats and improve the lighting in the bathroom.
  • Make a relaxing experience.
    Try framing bath times as a positive, relaxing, and calming experience. Some examples that we use in our Home Care in West Palm Beach, Florida are asking our senior patients how warm they want the water to be, playing soft music, or lighting a scented candle.

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