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How to Protect Your Seniors During Winter


Making yourself and your family members active and healthy at home during the cold season is a common task that you should prioritize. This is especially important for every aging adult in Palm Beach and Martin Counties, and across the country. You have to prevent your elders from getting sick or experiencing falls or accidents in winter.

  • Stay at home and eat healthily
    Staying indoors is the best possible way to protect your elderly loved ones from experiencing extreme cold or catching an illness. While staying at home, you have to make sure that they have more fruits and vegetables in their regular diet to maintain a healthy and strong body. Your private duty care in Florida can help you in keeping a healthy lifestyle.
  • Keep warm and physically active
    Cover your seniors with thick clothes, especially for the feet, hands, and neck, to add warmth and prevent high bills for your heating system. Doing exercise routines will also keep them warm while staying active and physically strong. If you need a hand, look for reliable home care in West Palm Beach, Florida.
  • Prevent the risk of falls and accidents
    If necessary, allow your senior to use mobility devices for support or ask for non-medical home care services for assistance. Dedicated caregivers can help you with housekeeping to prevent obstructions and slippery or icy floors. They can also do the driving instead of your elder if they have appointments or they need to go out.

Please keep in touch with us here at Advantage Pointe Home Care if you require companionship and non-medical care services. We are here to help you. Talk to us today!

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