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Danger: Medication Overload in Older Adults


Taking too many medications can be dangerous. This is termed medication overload or polypharmacy and is a real and devastating public health issue. Medication use in the United States, especially for older people, has gone far beyond necessary and has resulted in significant harm.

For older adults who live alone at home, the risk becomes greater. This is why they may need our private duty care in Florida or companion care in Palm Beach and Martin Counties. Having someone assist and supervise seniors taking their medications is very important for their health and safety.

As we age, we metabolize less effectively. This is the main reason why medication overload is dangerous. A person’s kidneys, liver, and lungs don’t work as efficiently with age. This means that a senior’s body metabolizes medication less effectively, putting them at greater risk for side effects.

The more medications an older adult is taking, the higher the risk of those drugs interacting dangerously with each other. Having multiple meds can also cause lightheadedness, confusion, and even internal bleeding. However, it is also worthy to note that every individual is different, so the best way to remedy the risk is to talk to your health care provider or pharmacist before halting any medications.

When it comes to using medications safely and ensuring that they will not negatively impact your quality of life, speak up. Don’t hesitate to ask questions and report any side effects to your doctor. Those who are receiving non-medical home care services, they must also speak to their caregivers.

Be sure to avoid medication problems such as overload. Avail of our home care in West Palm Beach, Florida to have someone assist you. Call Advantage Pointe Home Care now!

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