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Basic Steps in Helping Seniors Keep Their Cognition Intact


Reaching senior age can cause a number of physical and behavioral impairments. Among the most prevalent are dementia and other memory-related illnesses. These diseases have no specific cure. However, there are activities that can improve the elderly’s cognitive function, delaying the progression of symptoms.

  • Doing Sudoku, puzzles, and problem solving
    These are just a few of the brain-stimulating activities aging adults can partake. Strategy games, such as chess and Scrabble, are also fun. You may also join your loved ones in doing these activities as they receive non-medical home care services.
  • Taking part in social gatherings and being in the presence of others
    Being among other people, like caregivers, and conversing is a form of mental activity. Not to mention that it improves wellbeing and helps prevent depression.
  • Maintaining good physical health
    Health and wellness are holistic. The mind works better if the physical is also being cared for. To preserve mental health, your elderly loved one must eat properly and exercise regularly. Experts in dementia care in Palm Beach and Martin Counties would be delighted to assist elders in doing mobility exercises and eating healthy, nutritious food.

Advantage Pointe Home Care is a provider of premium home care in West Palm Beach, Florida. Among the services we offer are housekeeping, medication administration, and personal care. You can rely on us to keep your elderly relative safe.

We provide a variety of services and make every effort to correctly analyze our patients’ needs since they deserve specialized treatment. Please contact us if you want to learn more about our private duty care in Florida and other services.

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